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werner, otto & lotte klemperer, 1935 R.I.P. Werner Klemperer, 1920-2000.

Looken sie at das baby photo! At right: Werner Klemperer as a child, here with his sister and father, Otto Klemperer (director of the LA Philharmonic) in Los Angeles. From the looks of him, Werner must have gotten a lot of sand kicked in his face as a boy...which would explain his later manefestation as uber-dictator Col. Klink, nein?

Spread the joy that was Werner Klemperer...join the Internet Klink Exchange! Brought to you only by If it ain't more fun than a cramped bunker of civilization-starved American POW's, why, I'll be a jelly donut.

Just grab one of the fabulous Colonel Klink banners below and stick it wherever you please (on yer web site, that is). You can link it back here, you can link it to the Vatican web site, link it wherever -- we certainly don't care. This ain't no party, this ain't no disco, this ain't no ill-begotten commercial Web venture -- it's just fooling around! So what are you waiting for -- mach schnell! Get yer Klink link today...

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