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little tiny target When someone says "misunderstood genius", who do you think of? David Hasselhoff? Charo? The person who invented the Garden Weasel? Me, I think of Harold Haxton, 50's B-movie director ordinaire. Find out more about him at Harold Haxton: A Life In The Can.

little tiny targetAt least it's not a dessert topping and a floor cleaner. Octopus Motor: The Really Old Stale Zine is now Octopus Motor: The Game Company. Have a look at They Came From Hollywood, the PC game we're currently working on. gives you the lowdown on the official transportation for President George W. Bush: Department Of Education One. I can't wait for the movie with Harrison Ford!

Screw the Antiques Road Show...we've got WAY better stuff here. Tune in to the The Tchotchke Peepshow -- who knows, maybe that bizarre knick-knack of yours really IS a piece of worthless crap!

The Furby: trendiest electronic toy on the planet, and we've killed it. But for the good of science we've desecrated the body -- and taken pictures! Visit our Furby Autopsy... we're just a bunch of cut-ups.

Think rampant robotic destruction is exciting? Think again! Visit Robot Snores, for a look at our laughable experiences at the 1996 Robot Wars event in San Francisco...

SETI@Home may be searching for weird creatures in outer space, but we'd rather look for weird creatures here on Earth.The shared computing project you'll go ape part of YETI@Home.

It's mayhem in a tribute to our favorite bumbling Colonel (besides Sanders, that is) by becoming a member of The Internet Klink Exchange!

If you're fond of quantum physics -- or cats, visit The Interactive Schrodinger's Cat for a twisted look at one of the most famous experiments that never happened...

Wow, a new computer that comes in six fruity colors? Not the Imac, silly -- it's the Otter Pop Pilot.

Visit Pinfools for a look at one of our latest obsessions (or further foray into junk collecting, depending on how you look at it), pinball.

It's Sid's Birthday, or it was a couple years ago -- but he won't look a belated can of Pounce in the mouth...or somethin' like that. See Sid @ SidCentral.

It's a fashion trend of grave importance! Get out your glue gun, ye morbid Martha Stewarts, as Sparky shows you how to scare up your very own nifty lil' coffin! Creep on over to Make Your Own Coffin (Purse, that Is)

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