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Don't miss Toh-Loo-Ka on ice. Yes, he may be dead, but don't worry about his little corpse -- he's a furbsicle!

After having Toh-Loo-Ka for about three days, and then leaving him "sleeping" for another day or two, his batteries ran out. After replacing the batteries, he no longer acted like the happy furby we'd be accustomed to being mildly annoyed by. He would get stuck with his eyes half open and emit a mild buzzing noise. Hitting reset wouldn't help, but sometimes helping move his eyes would unjam him, but he would quickly get stuck again.

When we first got him, he sat buzzing for about ten minutes, then finally woke up. (We initially attributed it to some sort of "boot up" or initialization procedure.) Periodically during his first day, he would freeze up, and remain unresponsive for about five or ten minutes. This behavior stopped after the first day and he was a healthy furby for a couple days.

When he started jamming again, we left him alone wondering if he would recover like he did on his first day. Unfortunately, we started smelling something electrical overheating after a few minutes of buzzing, so we disconnected his batteries.

Dozens of experiments with trying to unjam and reset and reboot him were unable to restore him to healthy operation. Toh-Loo-Ka was definitely a terminally ill Furby. So we did what any bereaved furby owner would do...we cut him up and took pictures.

dead furby outline We've also included step-by step instructions on how to perform your own Furby Autopsy (though doing so will most likely void its warranty), and details of what we found inside and how it all works (or doesn't).

Note: Please don't ask us where you can purchase a Furby of your own...we have no idea. Ours was bought for scientific purposes only, and frankly, we find him much more amusing dead than he was alive.

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